Samsung Google Account Lock Remove Guide

What is Samsung Google FRP Lock Protection

Samsung FRP Lock is security protection in all the latest smartphones introduced from 5.1.1 Lollipop version to the latest Android 10. It restricts your smartphone to use by an unknown person. If someone forgot their Smartphone’s password so after flash or Hard Reset the device, it would ask for the previous owner’s Google Account called Samsung FRP Lock Protection which we guide you to bypass with the help of Samsung Odin Tool. To activate the device without signing in, it won’t activate means you won’t use any services, even including basic calling messaging features.

If your Samsung Device is Asking you to input previously synced Google Account to continue Just like the picture below. Then your device is FRP Google Account Locked and this guide helps you to unlock, Bypass and Completely remove this lock.

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There are various Guides that Bypass and Remove the Samsung Google Account Verification Lock which actually doesn’t work or may harm your device. Still, this guide will definitely help you to unlock any Samsung device FRP Lock. Odin is an Official windows software developed by Samsung Electronics that allows you to install the firmware on any Samsung device. You can also install different firmware files like modem, CSC, Custom Root Files, Samsung Eng Root Files, Samsung FRP Remove Files, etc. Here you will also find Odin Tool and its latest working version which actually works, along with some Odin tips and tricks to make the most out of it.

What is Samsung Odin

We have the most updated patched versions of the Odin for download below. The latest one to arrive is Samsung Odin 3.13.1 3B Patched with many modified and great features. This tool also helps you with the Samsung Google Account Bypass.

How to Bypass Samsung Google Account Lock

Keep in mind: If you have any of the latest devices of Samsung with FRP Google Account Lock like Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21, S20 Plus Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 2, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus, Note 10, Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S9Galaxy S9 PlusGalaxy Note 9, or any other FRP Locked devices released by Samsung in the last several years, and want to unlock its FRP then it’s enough to download and utilize the most advanced version of Odin. or Use the below mentioned service to Bypass and completely unlock your Samsung FRP Google Account Verification lock within a few minutes guaranteed.

Bypass Samsung FRP Lock Remove Within a Few Minutes

  • A beginner or a specialist can face anything unusual during the rooting. It is not likely that you are not going to encounter any of the problems. So it is helpful to have a data backup also before the rooting is begun. If anything proceeds opposite, your SmartPhone gets bricked, so the data backup can help you retrieve the valuable data. Hence we strictly suggested maintaining a data backup before rooting your Samsung device.
  • Forever remember, the most advanced comes with more advanced features. It is also common for Odin 3.13.1 3B Patched Flash All Samsung. But the most advanced is not the most reliable. Therefore you must check for the most suitable version you need to deal with.

Samsung Odin 3.13.1 3B Patched

Before download and use the tool. Read the below tips, tricks, and guide to Remove Samsung FRP lock from All Samsung devices.

If you plan to unlock your Samsung Smartphone, you need to understand the steps for Samsung FRP Lock Removal Service. This may vary from one Smartphone model to another, but basically, this is the procedure to bypassing the lock and access your preferred applications. There is an application that you have to install first before unlocking your phone; for this, you can refer to the following link below:

Samsung FRP Removal Service

Samsung Odin tips and tricks for Google Account FRP Lock

  • Odin is originally utilized to install the Official firmware on Samsung’s Galaxy devices, but this Odin 3.13.1 3B Patched Tool Flash All Samsung will Bypass and Remove Samsung Google Account with any Modified Firmware as well. It will also work to root or install TWRP Custom Recovery on any Samsung device. Be assured to apply a complete guide before flashing TWRP, as much different stuff like custom kernel may also be required in some cases.
  • Suppose you don’t want to restart your smartphone right after flashing the firmware/CustomFiles. As you may need to reboot into recovery mode, then untick the Auto Reboot box in Odin Software. If not showing, then locate it in the Options tab.
  • Unlocking of Samsung Google Account Lock AKA Samsung FRP unlock can also be done by this software. For a brief guide, see below FRP Bypass Guide by Samsung FRP Unlock Tool.
  • Use a PIT file very wisely when using Odin. Usually, don’t use a PIT file. It will use in some rare cases and only can be used by experts. It is usually used when your phone is unable to boot and its partitions are damaged because of the wrong firmware flashed. Using the correct PIT File will recover your device partitions from booting your device with official firmware.
  • Odin can be utilized to flash non-hlos.bin files straight to the device to fix WiFi connectivity issues. These are modem-specific files that have been developed as a repair for Wi-Fi disconnection on some Samsung phones.
  • You don’t have to install Odin; it’s Portable, the Fast and Free FRP Unlock software

How to Flash Samsung Firmware Odin Tool

  • The BL tab is for the file whose name starts with the BL prefix. BL is for the bootloader. When extracting the firmware, if you get a file that starts with the BL prefix, use it in the BL tab.
  • The AP tab can use the complete firmware when just one .tar is extracted from the firmware. If you get more than one .tar file, then use the file whose name starts with AP name in the AP tab.
  • The CP tab used the file whose name begins with the CP prefix. It’s the modem file that’s accountable for making sure your mobile network and Wi-Fi work alright.
  • The CSC tab uses the file whose name begins with the CSC prefix. Such files include region-wise APN features and such carrier Applications or Carrier Bloatware. CSC stands for Country/Carrier Specific Code

How To use Samsung FRP Bypass Tool 2021:

You can Unlock Samsung FRP Lock from any Samsung device with this tool as well. 

Samsung FRP Unlocking can be achieved by following the methods below:

There are many methods to bypass Google FRP lock from almost any Samsung model. One guide is below. 

  •  First of all, search your Samsung Model number on google with the term “(Model number) combination firmware” Like “Samsung N960U Combination Firmware”. Then download the compatible Binary which matches your phone’s security version. 
  • Then extract the file and then download Odin 3.13.3B from the download link below.
  • Open the Samsung FRP Unlock Tool Odin. Select the combination file in the AP Section in the Tool.
How To Reboot Any Samsung Phone to Download Mode
  • Reboot your device in download mode. To do it, power off your device. Then press and hold Volume Down + Home/Bixby Button + Power Button simultaneously until it shows confirmation to reboot your device to download mode. After that, press volume up to reboot to download mode.
  • There are 2 methods to reboot your device in download mode for some Latest Samsung Devices that don’t have Bixby or Home Button. First. Power off your device, then inserts the USB cable while pressing both volume buttons until it reboots to download mode. After power off, the Second method presses the volume down + power button until it reboots to the download mode confirmation screen.
  • Now connect your device with a PC and press the start button in Odin Tool. Keep patience and wait for 2 to 3 minutes max to complete the flashing Combination Firmware.
it will Shows Factory Binary While Booting
  • It will boot to the Engineering Bootloader with Combination firmware installed.
  • Go to Settings and then navigate to Backup and Reset Option from settings; now simply Factory Reset your device from there.
  • After that, Reboot to download mode again and download and extract the Official Firmware latest firmware for your device. And then, select those official firmware files in Samsung FRP Bypass Tool Odin Respectively BL, AP, CP, and CSC/HOME_CSC.
  • Now Press Start and keep patience because this flashing may take 5 to 10 minutes approx after that; enjoy your Samsung Google FRP Unlocked Device.

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