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Kashmir Solidarity Day

Kashmir Solidarity Day Kashmir is neither the appurtenance of India nor from the aortas of Pakistan, but this is the only independent state. The unprecedented state of the luxurious and radiant state. The voice of peace and the heart of courteous and agile people.  At the partition, Indian and English mutually reformed conspiracy and gave …

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5G Rollout Race: European Union Asked by Watchdog to Pick Up Pace

As the United States grapples with the 5G rollout affecting airlines, a European Union watchdog warned on Monday that the EU faces much bigger economic and security threats unless member countries step up cooperation. The alarm bells are included in a special report on the 27-nation bloc’s preparations for 5G, the fifth and next generation …

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PTA iPhone Taxes Updates

PTA iPhone Taxes Categories 2022: Are You Sure about Your Registration, How Much You Pay For iPhone? Smartphone demands are highly praised in the era of modern life. It became one of our radial requisites, the rising prices and taxes are unattainable for average people. While, those who are willingly considered to purchase iPhone models, …

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