Kashmir Solidarity Day

Kashmir Solidarity Day

Kashmir is neither the appurtenance of India nor from the aortas of Pakistan, but this is the only independent state. The unprecedented state of the luxurious and radiant state. The voice of peace and the heart of courteous and agile people. 

At the partition, Indian and English mutually reformed conspiracy and gave birth to the controversy. However, Kashmir was part of Pakistan far and wide. Their tradition and culture, modesty, faith and beliefs, life and death all intimately resonate with the Pakistani resemblances. In the flames of revolt, they destroyed everything associated with Kashmir. Their main aim was to ruin Pakistan, but when the bravery of the Pakistani people didn’t permit them to crush all the nurturing parts, they tried to destroy and conquer Kashmir’s territory. They left no stone unturned to brutalize on Kashmiri people. They turned on every door of brutality and cruelty on the people of Kashmir. Many innocent people shed their blood. Whether it came to old senior citizens or 6 months old innocent children, every single Kashmiri was targeted for murder intentionally and brutally.

Until today, Kashmir soundly and silently endured India’s extreme savagery and ferocity. Their unplanned attacks and violence made their life tormented and forced them to space from Kashmir in any case. For a minute, if we contemplate how crucial their lives were going, we can realize the pathogenic environment where they lost their lives, killed their dreams and suffered from toxic lifecycles.

The sacrifices they rendered, the lives they lost, and from their beloved and family, they are aparted appreciable. We tribute their greatness and honour their eminent. So, salute to all Kashmiri’s. 


My hands shivered, but my heart filled with love, tears fell from my eyes. Still, my soul arose again with spirit, pride, and immense happiness that Kashmir people succumbed to everything but retained their originality. Devastated, disappointed and destroyed but remained steadfast to protect their beliefs, identities and ornaments of Kashmir.

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